Kinner Kailash is a mountain peak having an elevation of 4510 metre from sea level in Kinnaur district of Himachal pradesh. Kinner Kailash Shivlingam is a 79 feet tall rock at the top of the peak. Mythologically, Kinner Kailash is considered winter home of Lord Shiva. Kinner Kailash is one of the five Kailashas, including Shri Khand Kailash,  Mani Mahesh,  Kailash Mansarover, Aadi Kailash. Kinner Kailash Shivling can be seen changing color during daytime.

The trek to Kinner Kailash is 2-3 days long affair. Kinner Kailash Yatra starts in July end. Special arrangements of food and shelter are done at the top, 10 days before Janmashtmi.

Trek Detail

Type of Trek: Difficult, people with problem of high altitude sickness and asthma are suggested not to go
90% steep slopes, 5% normal and 5% rocky with hard climbing.
Things to carry: Shoes with good grip preferably trekking shoes, a pair of woollen clothes and rain coat as well, water, dry fruits, chocolates, toffees, fruits, torch, medicines.


Chandigarh>Shimla>Narkanda>Rampur>Jeori>Reckong Peo>Tangling>Kinner Kailash

Chandigarh to Reckong peo:

We have a direct buses for Peo  from Chandigarh. One leaves chandigarh around 2:30 AM (Delhi-Peo), 4:50 AM (Chd- Peo - Ordinary), (5:45AM, Chd - Peo - Semi Deluxe). Journey from CHd to Peo is around 14-15 hours but ours took around 18-19 hours due to traffic jam on Chandigarh Shimla Highway.

Journey from Chandigarh to Shimla is tiresome these days due to construction work going otherwise whole route has beautiful landscapes once you enter the mountains.

Reckong Peo> Powari or Tangling
You can reach Tangling either from Reckong Peo or Powari. From powari cross the river and reach Tangling or take direct bus from Reckong peo.

The Trek Journey

Day 1:

Trek starts from Tangling with stairs and then crossing the village. You will find apple trees alongside the way.
Remember, only there are limited shops on this trek that too up to 6-7 kms. After that you won't find even a single shop where you can have something to eat. So it is recommended to carry enough food and drinks for the trek.

After walking about half a km there starts a steep slope. There are views of nature and mountains on both sides. You can have your first meal here and head towards Ganesh Park. This place is around 6 kms from the 1st two food points on the trek. You will cross a small stream and then again a steep uphills leading to mesmerizing view of the Peo city and Sutlej river.

It usually take around 4-5 hours to reach Ganesh Park. At ganesh park you can find small food points where you can have tea, maggi and food. You can even stay here for the first day in tents or you can continue your journey till caves where you can spend the night. We reached ganesh park around 2pm, had our lunch and started moving towards the caves

There is no food point beyond Ganesh Park. So you can get your food packed for night and next day if you are not carrying utensils to prepare food. Climbing some distance after ganesh park there is a steep descent of few hundred metres. After covering another 4-5 kms you will find the site for camping, incase you have your own tent or you can stay in caves. But the sleeping bags are required at either place. We reached the caves around 6pm in the evening. We spent the night in the cave.

Day 2:

We started our journey at 2:30 AM next day in the morning and reached Parvati Kund around 6am. We would have reached there earlier if we wouldn't have lost our way when we started our journey from caves. From caves the path is well defined for another 1 Km. After that the rocks starts where the path is marked by stones kept on one another. (Please do not touch those stones). This way will lead you to the Parvati Kund.

Try to carry less baggage on this trek or don't carry your tents and sleeping bags or anything extra beyond caves.  Having heavy bags will make it difficult to climb the rocks after parvati kund because the way is like doing rock climbing without any tools. We hid our backpacks in between the rocks at Parvati Kund. Shoes with good grips ae recommended.
It took around 2 hours to reach Kailash from Parvati Kund. The way passes over big rocks and  you have to climb the rocks to reach the top as there is no other way. Be cautious and climb the rocks carefully.

Kinner Kailash Shivlingam is a tall vertical rock. This sacred rock is worshiped as Lingam of Lord Shiva. You can see some magnificent views high peaks of the Great Himalayas  like Mt. Jorkandan and Mt. Rangrik. Being here is a refreshing and wonderful experience.

We spend some time here before returning back. It will take 7-8 hours (approx) to complete the journey till tangling on the way back.

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